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Why Froome and Contador crashing out is a (semi) good thing

PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 10:56 am
by Fat Lip
I am very very bummed that CF and AC crashed out of the TdF. Took the air out of the proverbial balloon. All credit to Nibali for a dominating performance. And I would never put an asterisk by his presumptive win, but we will never know how things would have played out. Of course, that is cycling.

But an idea occurred to me the other day -- creeping up like Thomas Voelker-- that there is a silver lining to Froome and Contador abandoning. And that is: If they can get healthy in time for the Vuelta they will be racing with Quintana, and a healthy JRod, and Uran, and defending champ Horner, not to mention possibly Wiggo (as 86 noted in the chat today when I mentioned this).

So I say, onward through the fog. TdF is going to have a great last week as they race to the podium. And I will be looking forward to the cool breezes of September.

Re: Why Froome and Contador crashing out is a (semi) good th

PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 1:34 am
by Agent 86
I'm bummed as well but at the same time now or equally not. I also look forward to the future of cycling and for the past few years we keep seeing the pro riders come, go (for a two year stint), then come back. The faces tend to repeat or stay the same for some time and no new face arises. Yes, we've gotten a few but not as many as we've seen this year which I think is a positive in this whole semi-nightmare to the old guard.

Now the 2014 Vuelta. I partially agree but don't envision Froome and Contador being at the top of their game so soon, sure better but at the same level as they were prior to this race? Injuries are injuries and not a casual day off. I envision Horner and Rodriguez rising up to a better level but how can Froome and Contador rise to the same level, seeing that they're on the mend today when Horner/Rodriquez are "training" at le Tour. I'm not sure if Quintana can vie for the double tour win in one year? Maybe. Wiggins will hopefully get the nod but something tells me he won't and Froome will only seek stage wins in a way to get his level back but not be at it. Contador most likely will look like he did at last years Tour, up there but not able to finish it off.

Re: Why Froome and Contador crashing out is a (semi) good th

PostPosted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 7:33 am
by Fat Lip
Valid points, all (shudders again when agreeing with 86). But you can ride into form in a 3 week race. (Trying to be optimistic here). Froome especially because he is probably doing leg work. Probably right about Wiggo, saw photos of him on the track today. I think Quintana can. There's another Colombian who had a strong Giro, whose name I can't recall, who should be in the mix. Future of cycling is bright, including USA , USA , USA

Re: Why Froome and Contador crashing out is a (semi) good th

PostPosted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 8:49 pm
by Fat Lip
Stage 6. woooh... A long way to go. But I predicted a silver lining to the TdF crashes.