NBCSN Cycling's dumb twitter feed

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NBCSN Cycling's dumb twitter feed

Postby golevigo » Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:19 pm

A couple of funny / dumb things produced by the NBCSN Cycling twitter feed lately that maybe you saw (the first one at least):

Lately they've been doing the "this day in history" tweet, with a picture of a previous winner, etc. They've done Cadel, Fignon, Pedro Delgado, etc. And I think this series of tweets started with one that said, "on this date in 2000, Lance Armstrong won his second Tour de France." Ha!! Many people jumped on the tweet, wondering what the heck they were doing.

And then there was this morning, during a more boring moment of the stage. They tweeted out a photo of the four jersey holders (Nibali, Sagan, Majka, Pinot), and had a caption along the lines of: "these were the four jersey holders this morning. how many of them will have changed by the end of today?"

and it was like..... huh?

I don't have to remind you that Nibali is up by 7 minutes, Sagan up by 150 green points, one mountain point available on the day.... and it's a flat stage with a sprint finish. It took about 30 seconds for someone else to tweet them back saying, 'you have no idea how bike racing works,' and I sent one that basically said, 'yeah, what the hell?'

They deleted this tweet after about 5 minutes. I checked after that and noticed the Armstrong one was gone too.

Not a big deal, just something I found humorous and felt like sharing. It does make you wonder though - this is the network tasked with providing Americans with cycling knowledge, and you have the aging P&P on the commentary and these clowns on the twitter feed.
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Re: NBCSN Cycling's dumb twitter feed

Postby Agent 86 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:45 pm

Welcome to USA Cycling!

Yea, that's why I only read Euro news on cycling, otherwise its "a bike's wheels turn round and round by pedaling on a chain drive train and steered with a weird bar turned in its ends, ... ", its too painful to read that type of news/writings.
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